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Base Theme Translation

Included Language Files

Medika provides pre-created language files that you may check before starting your own translation. All these files have been contributed by our users so that the amount of translated strings might vary.

Using Loco Translate plugin

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New > install and activate the Loco Translate plugin.
  2. Go to Loco Translate >Themes > select Medika theme then press “Add new language”.
  3. Translate strings and save your translation.

Using PoEdit

You can locate the translation file medika.pot within the Translation Files folder in the theme package. Edit the .po file using POEdit and use the translation field to make the replacements. From the file menu, save the file with the language name and Medika theme prefix, e.g medika-de_DE.po. It will generate both a .po and .mo files for your translation. After that place those files into the languages /wp-content/languages/themes/ folder.
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