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To display portfolio posts on your page, you can use Portfolio Slider, Portfolio Tabs, or Portfolio Grid shortcode to the page content based on the layout style you like.

NOTE: If you choose to filter posts by Post ID, please input the ID of every portfolio post you want to include.

To get the ID, go to Portfolio > All Portfolio then hover on the title of portfolio post so you can see the unique URL at the left bottom of your screen. For instance, you will see http://yoursite.com/wp-admin/portfolio.php?post=49&action=edit; then what you need to input in ‘Post IDs’ box is 49.

Portfolio Slider

You can create a carousel displaying your works with Portfolio Slider shortcode. Choose portfolio posts to display based on the category, portfolio post ID, or recent portfolios and select one of the layout options to display them in the slider.

Portfolio List

This shortcode helps you to display a list of your portfolios as an element of your page content. Choose which portfolio posts you want to assign and the style to display the text with the image.

Portfolio Tabs

Portfolio Tabs shortcode allows you to display your posts in tabbed layout as an element of your page content that usually appear as a widget in the sidebar. This way you can display more portfolio posts based on categories so that people can easily see your works.

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