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Post Type Portfolio

Pabu includes a built-in custom post type for the portfolio that makes sharing your works easier including explanation of your practice area. You can use the Portfolio feature after installing and activating Pabu Portfolio plugin.


Creating A Portfolio Post

To create a portfolio post, navigate to Portfolio > Add New. We recommend you to use WPBakery Page Builder in creating portfolio post. Click on the Backend Editor button to change WYSIWYG editor into WPBakery builder. Scroll down to configure other settings within metabox.

Portfolio Page Setup

To display your portfolio posts, you need to create a portfolio page first as the portfolio archive page.

  1. Go to Pages > Add New
  2. Enter the title for the page such as ‘Portfolio’
  3. From the Template drop-down menu, choose Portfolio Template
  4. If needed, setup your portfolio layout from Portfolio Metabox setting tab
  5. Click on Publish button


After that, you can assign portfolio page within Appearance > Menu as a navigation. You can also use Portfolio shortcodes to display portfolio list as an element on your page.

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