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Use Tabs shortcode to add tabbed content on your post or pages.

To create a tab:

  1. Click Edit Tabs button (pencil icon in blue toolbar) to configure the tabs
  2. Select an alignment style
  3. Input the number of active section
  4. Check “Stretch Tabs” box to stretch the tabs
  5. Select a tag element for the tab title
  6. Set the title size in px
  7. Select title color
  8. Select a color for active title
  9. Select background color
  10. Select a color for active background
  11. Save changes

tabs01 tabs02

To set up the content of the section:

  1. Click icon “+” to input the content using available shortcodes into the sectiontabs03
  2. Choose a shortcode to use to input the content and configure it according to the shortcode settingtabs04
  3. Repeat the steps by clicking icon “+” first to add another sectiontabs05
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